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Our principal geotechnical engineers are experienced in the design and construction of mining and civil infrastructure projects across a number of jurisdictions, namely Australia, Canada, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Our aerial technology and cutting-edge software can provide an accurate and comprehensive geotechnical snapshot at low-cost, complimenting our field investigation capabilites. This in-depth understanding of the landscape gives our clients the detailed data required to minimise risk and maximise efficiency.

To achieve efficiency from conception to commissioning, we provide:

  • Field investigation services including our own CPT rig

  • Detailed investigations and designs

  • Construction supervision

  • Survey control

  • Site laboratory testing services



REC geotechnical and tailings engineers have successfully delivered tailings design and management solutions across Australia, Asia and Africa, incorporating design, permitting, construction, testing, characterisation, transport, design, operations, surveillance and closure. We have hands-on experience across a comprehensive range of ore types including vanadium, coal, copper, bauxite, iron-ore, gold and uranium.

Our flexibility means we are ready to assist at any stage of a mine’s lifecycle. That said, the greatest efficiencies can be found if we are engaged at the outset. We help clients understand their tailings management options at an initial scoping level, before delivering a detailed design that best suits each site’s specific characteristics which may vary from paddock / valley style and CTD to dry stacking or in-pit tailings deposition.


“Using Muk3D our designs, deposition plans and site support are offered to maximise efficient tailings storage and deliver substantial cost savings throughout the operation of a storage facility.“




At REC, we bring fresh thinking to hydrogeology challenges. Our hydrogeologists can be engaged across a range of sectors to develop, manage and protect groundwater resources. We work closely with clients to estimate a site’s surface and groundwater characteristics, providing water management options that prioritise efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the mine.

“Understanding and managing water flow on site is a collective effort. Our hands-on team takes a collaborative approach, sharing knowledge and insights with other specialist teams on site to optimise efficiency at every touch point.“

Our hydrogeology services include:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

  • Water balances 

  • Integrated field services

  • Studying groundwater resource development and water supply

  • Planning and implementing field programs

  • Dewatering (both surface and underground)

  • Numerical modelling

  • Groundwater sampling, monitoring and modelling

  • Hydraulic testing

  • Monitoring groundwater

  • Seepage analysis.


When required, our engineers can generate innovative tailings thickening solutions to increase water recovery and sustainability.

We are also passionate about managing the water quality of mine drainage. From establishing a new mining venture through to closure and remediation, we work to predict, analyse and minimise metal leaching and acid rock drainage. Our inquisitive nature, combined with cutting-edge technology, gives us the ability to forecast and enhance future water quality with relative confidence.


Managing the environmental components of a resource project is a significant challenge.  Failure to adhere to the myriad of environmental requirements and regulations can lead to costly delays. At REC, we have the technical capabilities to take control of a site’s environmental challenges with industry-leading efficiency.

  • Environmental Management Plans: Environmental management plans (EMPs) are vital for managing risk and obtaining stakeholder compliance. Our EMPs invite collaboration and efficiency through clear communication that empowers teams and individuals to take control of their particular role. Should it be required, we are able to supervise the implementation of the EMP to achieve full compliance.

  • Water Quality Studies: Our in-depth understanding of the rules and regulations relating to water quality enables us to optimise all facets of project design. From water quality sampling and analysis to future modelling, we can advise upon a best practice approach that will optimise cost savings now and into the future.

  • Environmental Auditing: Whether you are seeking to improve transparency or prove compliance, our specialist personnel can provide a detailed audit of your environmental and social programs. Our thorough audit process looks at key criteria including stakeholder engagement, environmental management and global and corporate standards. We can also act on your behalf to undertake audits of external projects that you may be considering investing in.  

  • Permits & Licenses: Our multi-disciplined engineering capabilities give us a solid understanding of the data required to efficiently obtain permits and licenses. We can advise which of the numerous permits you require and whether a full review process must be undertaken first.

  • Reclamation: Minimising liabilities is a major factor in all closure and reclamation planning. At REC, reclamation is not an after-thought. We integrate closure and reclamation planning into the overall mine site development to maximise efficiency in the final stages. It is crucial that all reclamation planning takes into consideration the end land use while seeking to alleviate all risks.



Project Management 

As a forward-thinking team with a strong attention to detail, we look beyond outdated methodologies to deliver timeliness and efficiency in project management.

Responsive and accountable, we become a natural extension of your team. By listening carefully, we are able to develop a clear picture of what you are looking to achieve, what your budget is, and what forces are at play which could affect project delivery.

Our skilled team has extensive project management experience. From devising the project scope to full costings and scheduling, we have the technology and dexterity to leverage greater efficiency through every stage of the project lifecycle. We communicate in an honest and straight-forward manner which creates a site culture built upon respect and accountability. This is vital to managing multiple teams in a professional and efficient manner.


Contract tendering and technical specifications

We procure plant equipment, engineering services and contracts (such as construction) with directness and professionalism. We are adept at handling the comprehensive tendering process, particularly when it comes to accurately defining technical aspects.

When developing construction procurement contracts, we work to ensure that they are compliant with all relevant standards and regulations.

“We can adhere to a wide range of contracting models including design / bid / build; engineering, procurement and construction; alliance and owner, procurement and construction.“

Construction and Supervision

With a view to optimising efficiency, our experienced team members can supervise construction to assure adherence with design and specifications. This scope of work may include:

  • Quality control of all earthworks

  • Project management

  • Quality assurance

  • Testing for soil liner permeability

  • Inspecting foundations

  • Criteria for materials acceptance

  • Lab testing

  • Geomembrane liner, concrete and bituminous pavement testing.

Our field and laboratory testing capabilities include soils, geosynthetics, concrete, ore and mine tailings and aggregate. Depending upon your requirements, our technicians can provide a standard testing service or undertake specialised testing.

We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for construction supervision. While some clients may desire a permanent presence on site, others may prefer an ad-hoc arrangement, where our analytical and supervision skills are called upon as and when needed.

At REC, we examine all relevant factors. This means not only focussing on the construction work at hand, but also analysing the greater environment to look for changes which may affect the program schedule. We will proactively problem solve to keep any time delays to an absolute minimum.

Project development, scoping studies and optioneering




Our responsive, scalable approach gives clients the freedom to determine our level of engagement, from the full spectrum of scoping studies to providing input to existing teams. We can deliver scoping studies in an extremely efficient manner, unveiling key insights into the viability of a project from both a practical and economic standpoint.

REC seeks to add value at every stage of a mine’s development and operation by delivering mine plans that prioritise quality, efficiency and safety. We operate with confidence in every landscape regardless of project size, location or commodity.

“We effectively manage studies for our clients, taking all applicable factors into consideration while adhering to time and budget constraints."

Pre-feasibility, feasibility and execution

In delivering pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, we take on all aspects of mining engineering to provide clear cost estimates.  Elements of our studies include:

  • Opportunity and risk appraisal

  • Assessments of production rates

  • Determination of mining method

  • Optimisation of excavation geometry, open pit and underground layout and project strategy

  • Detailed design work including positioning of stockpiles, infrastructure and roads

  • Ore reserve calculations and in-depth LoM scheduling

  • Cash-flow projections

  • Mine closure and rehabilitation planning.



Our surveyors and engineers are equipped to undertake all aspects of mine surveying and mapping.

Utilising aerial survey and mapping technology, we can capture geo-tagged imagery of your project site and generate high resolution orthomosaic maps.

“The point cloud data obtained can produce accurate 3D models of large landscapes, which is helpful in the planning and tracking of numerous mining activities.“


Executing a project with precision requires intelligent planning, systems and controls. At REC, our engineers and environmental scientists work in partnership with Geoscience Data Management Systems Pty Ltd (GDMS), a modern platform solution .

GDMS focuses on automating the geoscience data loop from the source to the decision maker – the key being getting ght right data, in the right format, in front of the right person, be that a client, an investor, the regulator or a consultant. The GDMS platform solution does this by automating the collection, management, interpretation and reporting of geoscience data seamlessly and a fraction of the cost of a traditional telemetry system or data management platform.

For more information, visit the GDMS webpage at


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