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       A New Era 
of Efficiency

Mining. Resources. Infrastructure


Efficiency through simplicity

REC is a Perth-based consultancy unearthing efficiency in the mining, resources and
infrastructure sectors.

Through the adoption of pioneering technology, software and a willingness to challenge the
status-quo, we continually discover opportunities for optimisation, driving forward an industry
that we are proud to be a part of.

Simplicity, efficiency and affordability are hallmarks of our design work. We are ‘first
principles’ based and seek out the efficiencies that only bespoke attention to detail can

“We design for the future, giving you long term savings and autonomy.”

We provide an efficient pathway through the full mining lifecycle, from feasibility to regulation
approvals, design, construction, waste management, closure and rehabilitation.





REC is a privately-owned consulting firm based in Perth, Western Australia. Formerly established as MHA Geotechnical, the ongoing requirements of our mining and resource clients drove the expansion of our capabilities into all aspects of resources development, from a resource definition and PFS level through to detailed design, construction, operation and closure.

“Our team includes engineers (civil and geotechnical), environmental scientists and hydrogeologists.”

With a commitment to quality, safety and technical excellence, we specialise in creating tailored solutions at every stage of a project lifecycle while delivering sustainable bottom-line results.

Our services include:

  • Tailings and mine waste management, including site investigation, design and construction of infrastructure (plant sites, heap leach facilities, roads, railways and airstrips and TSFs)

  • Geotechnical design and modelling, including stability, seepage and deformation for construction and excavations, and tailings beach modelling using Muk3D

  • Hydrogeological and environmental engineering, specialising in ground water contamination and water management

  • Construction and project management, including Level 1 Earthworks Supervision, material QA/QC and laboratory testing

  • Resource estimation and development, including pre-feasibility, feasibility and definitive feasibility studies

  • Mine surveying and mapping, including aerial surveying

  • Open pit and underground mine design and planning, including scheduling and optimisation.


A focussed, customised approach

We focus on the unique needs of each of our clients and become a natural extension of your team. We understand the ‘stop start’ nature of the industry and have the flexibility to speed up or slow down as required. We enjoy honest, straightforward conversations with our clients, where problems are solved promptly, and your best interests always come first.

Governance + Safety + Accreditations

Our team place safety at the forefront of everything we do. Nothing is more important than making sure that every team member can carry out their work in a safe environment.

We are also fully accredited and actively support the evolution of our industry.


The proper management of waste (tailings) and water can make a significant difference to the capital and operational expenditure associated with new and existing operations. This is particularly important for tailings dams which can be extremely expensive to design, construct and maintain if designed incorrectly.

At REC, our modern approach to design and management creates efficiency in a mining landscape where financial and operational productivity are more vital than ever.

“Our visionary technology enhances our capability to deliver optimisation through every stage of mine site development.“

Our mining services include:

  • Tailings and waste management

  • Pipelines and pump stations

  • Hydrology and hydrogeology

  • Water management

  • Heap leach pads

  • Geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics

  • Integration of renewable energy.


Water Resources

At REC, we support client and community objectives through efficient water management. Our pioneering technology, software and customised design capabilities combine to drastically improve water management efficiencies in virtually every landscape.

Our water services include:

  • Planning for water management

  • Data collection, assessment and analysis

  • Future flow projections

  • Hydraulic modelling and structure design

  • Mapping and modelling

  • Wastewater establishment and / or optimisation.



Our geotechnical and engineering expertise enables us to research, plan and construct our client’s infrastructure requirements. Our ability to deliver customisation in a cost-effective manner ensures clients receive world-class infrastructure solutions.

“We devise methods that save a significant amount of time and money throughout the infrastructure delivery process including planning / feasibility studies, site investigations, cost engineering, design, auditing, construction management and contract administration.“

Our infrastructure capabilities include:

  • Haul roads, railways and airstrips

  • Stormwater infrastructure and management

  • Structures for water and earth retainment

  • Residue storage

  • Bunkers, staithes and silos

  • Concrete (reinforced and pre-stressed)

  • Structural steelwork

  • Masonry (reinforced and plain)

  • Wind-sensitive structures.


2e/2 Gemstone Boulevard, Carine WA 6020, Australia 

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